The Ambassador in Peru (Pawley) to the Secretary of State

No. 437

Sir: I have the honor to enclose to the Department herewith an exchange of notes between Rear Admiral L. N. McNair, Chief of the U.S. Naval Mission to Peru, and myself36 with reference to the permanent retention of the Talara Army Air Base, Talara, Peru by the United States Government.

In this connection I should appreciate being advised by the Department as to whether or not the War Department is proceeding with the necessary arrangements for taking over and maintaining permanent control of the Talara Air Base. This base is now under the jurisdiction of the Sixth Air Force, a unit of the Caribbean Defense Command.

In my opinion, the delay in negotiating for the permanent control of this base is being taken by the Peruvian Government and by the Peruvian Air Force to mean that this base and its equipment might soon be transferred to Peru.

Respectfully yours,

William D. Pawley
  1. Not printed; Admiral McNair was concerned with housing for personnel at Talara, and the Ambassador feared that the Admiral’s communication, in the hands of Peruvian naval officials, would have an adverse effect on negotiations with Peru.