The Secretary of State to the Permian Minister for Foreign Affairs ( Gallagher )

My Dear Mr. Minister: Immediately upon my return to Washington, I investigated the matter of twelve dive bombers for the Peruvian Air Force which we discussed at Mexico City. I find that the war needs are such that the dive bombers in question cannot be furnished, but I am assured that Peru’s need of training planes is being fully and currently filled. Although combat planes are not available, this Government nevertheless wishes to do all possible adequately to provide for pilot training, and if it later develops that the training plane situation is not satisfactory, I would be glad to have a study made, with a view to determining what could be done to correct the situation.

Permit me to take this opportunity again to express to you my warm appreciation for the splendid collaboration which the United States delegation received from Your Excellency and the members of the Peruvian delegation at Mexico City.

With renewed assurances [etc.]

Edward Stettinius, Jr.