834.51/11–1945: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Paraguay (Beaulac)

349. From Eximbank. Installments on credits to Paraguay which were paid in September up to end August are now overdue or due for September, October and November as follows in dollars and cents: Loan 228, September 29,996.73; October 29,382.45; November 31,744.16. Loan 337, September 7,964.92; October 7,620.83; November 6,250.96. Total due on both loans for all 3 months 112,960.05.

It will be recalled that approval of allocation of remaining $450,000 credit established in 1942 was conditional on prompt future payment by Paraguay of installments on outstanding credits. Would like to know intentions of Paraguayan Govt regarding payment installments now due or overdue and to have advice of Emb on advisability of sending to Paraguayan Govt via Emb monthly notices of installments falling due. [Eximbank.]