811.516 Export-Import Bank/4–945: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Paraguay (Beaulac)

149. The Eximbank has called the attention of the Department to the fact that the Paraguayan Government is in default on payments under Eximbank loans. The last payment on account of principal and interest was made November 27, 1944 representing amounts due up to October 31, less $66.24. No payment made since then. Amount in arrears March 31 was $159,460.47.

The Bank has discussed the matter on three occasions with the Ambassador from Paraguay42 and the Ambassador informed the Bank that, following these discussions, he sent urgent cables to the Minister of Foreign Relations43 on February 7, March 12, and April 2, 1945. The Ambassador states that no replies have been received.

Unless you have good reason to the contrary you are authorized on behalf of Eximbank to call this matter to the attention of the Minister of Finance44 and inform the Department of the results of your conversation.

  1. Celso R. Velasquez.
  2. Juan Horacio Chiriani.
  3. Juan Plate.