834.20 Missions/11–2145: Telegram

The Ambassador in Paraguay (Beaulac) to the Secretary of State

569. Remytel 564, November 17, 11 a.m.38 Chiriani informed Cabinet Monday I had returned his two notes and, after lengthy explanation of my reasons including condemnation by Chiriani of Stagni for aid to our enemies during the war, Cabinet agreed to let matter rest.

I introduced General Waters from CDC to President Morinigo and Chiriani Monday. Yesterday Waters called on Minister of War Machuca and Chief of Staff Aranda. Neither expressed any desire that Barthelmess or any other member of Aviation Mission be relieved. [Page 1298] Machuca was informed Van Hyning would be relieved immediately after he made his report to Paraguayan Govt concerning his visit to US. Machuca accepted this without complaint.

There remains to be decided by our Govt whether we are willing to keep an Aviation Mission in Paraguay (1) so long as Stagni is head of Paraguayan Air Force and (2) so long as Paraguayan Air Force is engaged practically exclusively in commercial operations.

I have requested an interview with President and told Minister of Foreign Affairs that I wished to go over with President the whole field of our relations with Paraguay preparatory to my visit to Washington.

I suggest that no decision as to future of Aviation Mission be made at least pending my conversation with President. However, I request Dept continue to give thought to two points still undecided which I mentioned above.

I intend unless Dept has objection to tell President Morinigo that my own opinion is that there is no place in Paraguay for an American Military Aviation Mission so long as Stagni remains head of Air Corps.39 General Waters agrees in this opinion. He has been most cooperative and his visit has been very helpful.

  1. See footnote 37, above.
  2. In Department’s telegram 356, November 27, 1945, 3 p.m., the Ambassador was instructed to postpone a discussion of the subject with the President (834.20 Missions/11–2145).