710.Consultation (4)/10–345

Memorandum of Conversation, by Mr. Ellis O. Briggs, Office of American Republic Affairs

Participants: Mr. Fragoso, Counselor of Brazilian Embassy
Mr. Butler—RPA20
Mr. Briggs—ARA

Mr. Fragoso called this morning at eleven to give me the following reply from his government to our suggestion on October 1 that the Rio Conference be postponed. The substance of this reply is as follows:

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The Brazilian Government is disposed to agree with us that in view of developments in Argentina a postponement would be desirable. Brazil does not, however, in view of its proximity to Argentina, wish to take the lead in suggesting postponement. Brazil suggests one or the other alternative course of action: (1) that a special meeting of the Governing Board of the Pan American Union be called, at which the United States or some country other than Brazil, propose postponement or (2) that the United States make a formal proposal to Brazil that there be consultation through diplomatic channels with regard to postponement.

I summarized to Mr. Fragoso the two press statements which I said Mr. Acheson was considering making at the conference this morning, pointing out that one would state American Government had communicated with the host government suggesting a postponement. This appeared to be satisfactory to Mr. Fragoso.

Ambassador Martins returns at 4:30 tomorrow, Thursday afternoon.

Ellis O. Briggs
  1. George H. Butler, Chief, Division of River Plate Affairs.