819.00/2–1945: Telegram

The Chargé in Panama (Donnelly) to the Secretary of State

155. I accompanied General Brett and Charles Taussig40 on a courtesy call today on President de la Guardia. After the formalities were dispensed with the President referred to the “Tivoli affair” (my telegram No. 152 of February 18, 10 p.m.) and repeated that it was very important that we get the ex-Diputados out of the hotel. I told the President that following a conversation with General Brett on February 17 the latter had requested the Acting Governor to prevent political activities at the hotel and to restrict gatherings of the politicians to a maximum of four at any one time; that it was my understanding, and General Brett confirmed it, that this measure would be strictly enforced pending a decision on the President’s request for the immediate removal of the politicians from the hotel.

The President said that he would probably send a letter to the Acting Governor today or tomorrow requesting the immediate extradition of two or three of the politicians at the hotel and that the request would be based upon criminal charges pending against them in the Republic of Panama. I then raised the hypothetical point of giving the politicians the option of travelling to the United States with the distinct understanding, however, that the United States Government would not grant them exit permits for an indefinite period or deportation to the Republic of Panama, the latter in the event that the interested departments in Washington approve the procedure. President de la Guardia said that his Government would not object to the politicians exercising the option and that his Government would give them the necessary departure permits.

Repeated to Mexico for Rockefeller and Berle.41

  1. Adviser on Caribbean affairs.
  2. Adolf A. Berle, Ambassador to Brazil, attending the Inter-American Conference on Problems of War and Peace.