President Roosevelt to the Regent of Iraq (Abdul Ilah)72

Your Highness: I have received the letter which you sent me under date of March 1071 and in which you outline the attitude of the Arabs toward the question of Palestine.

I take this opportunity to express to you my appreciation for this statement of the Arab position, which I have read with the greatest interest. I know of the deep concern with which the Arab world is following developments relating to Palestine and I desire, in this connection, to renew to you the assurances which have been previously [Page 704]communicated to the Iraqi Government to the effect that in the view of the Government of the United States no decision affecting the basic situation in Palestine should be reached without full consultation with both Arabs and Jews.

I am looking forward to meeting Your Highness on the occasion of your forthcoming visit to the United States75 and, in the meantime, I send you my warmest greetings and my best wishes for the continued well-being of the people of Iraq.

Sincerely yours

Franklin D. Roosevelt
  1. Transmitted to Baghdad in instruction 312, April 21.
  2. President Roosevelt was in Warm Springs, Georgia, on this date.
  3. Not printed, but see footnote 39, p. 692.
  4. For information regarding the Regent’s state visit, postponed to June from late April because of President Roosevelt’s death on April 12, see bracketed note, p. 586.