The Secretary of State to the President of the Lebanese Council of Ministers (Karame)70

My Dear Mr. Prime Minister: I have received the letter which you addressed to me under date of March 10, 1945,71 relative to Palestine, and have taken note of the views which you express regarding this question.

You may rest assured that in its consideration of the Palestine problem the Department of State will not fail to bear in mind the position of Lebanon and of the other Arab states regarding this matter. You will recall in this connection that in the view of the Government of the United States no decision should be reached affecting the basic situation in Palestine without consultation with both Arabs and Jews.

Sincerely yours,

Edward R. Stettinus, Jr.
  1. Transmitted to the Minister to Syria and Lebanon in instruction 368, April 11, 1945, for delivery to the Lebanese Prime Minister.
  2. Not printed, but see footnote 39, p. 692.