Discussions between the United States and Iran regarding a proposed civil air transport agreement

[On March 8, 1945, Acting Secretary of State Grew transmitted to the Ambassador in Iran a draft air transport agreement to be submitted to the Iranian Government. The Ambassador submitted a copy of the proposed agreement to the Iranian Ministry for Foreign Affairs on April 5. In a note of November 8, the Iranian Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs (Homayoundjah) informed the Ambassador of his Government’s unwillingness to negotiate a civil air transport agreement with any foreign government while occupying forces remained in Iran.11 The note, however, granted temporary permission for an American airline designated by the United States [Page 585] Government12 to undertake civil flight in Iran and to pick up and discharge traffic at Mehrabad Airport at Tehran. Under Departmental authorization on December 4, the Ambassador notified the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on December 17 of the acceptance of this interim arrangement by the United States.

The United States resumed discussions with Iran for a civil air transport agreement in 1946 but it was not until January 16, 1957, that the two Governments signed such an agreement at Tehran.13]

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  2. On July 5, 1945, the Civil Aeronautics Board had designated Pan American Airways to operate commercial services to and from Tehran.
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