Return of Cape Spartel Lighthouse to international control6

[In article 4 of the Anglo-French Agreement for the re-establishment of the International Administration of Tangier, signed at Paris, August 31, 1945, the two powers agreed that Spain would return the Cape Spartel Lighthouse to the control of the International Cape [Page 673] Spartel Lighthouse Commission. Texts of the Agreement and of the Final Act of the Four Power Conference of Experts on the future status of Tangier, held in Paris, August 10 to August 31, 1945,7 which preceded the signing of the Agreement, are printed in Department of State Bulletin, October 21, 1945, pages 613–618. In despatch 153, November 27, 1945, the Diplomatic Agent at Tangier reported that control of the Lighthouse was handed over to the International Commission on October 11, and that the Commission resumed its regular meetings on October 15 (881.00/11–2745).]

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