American-British discussions regarding a contemplated joint support purchase program in Turkey40

[Discussions between the Department of State and the British Foreign Office, in implementation of the policy of economic assistance to Turkey agreed upon at the time of Turkey’s break with Germany in August 1944, and initiated at that time, continued inconclusively into 1945. This protracted negotiation arose out of the inability of the two Governments to work out a program for the joint purchase of Turkish products, on an equal cost and loss sharing basis, which would be exported normally to Axis Europe. In May 1945 the Department decided to end the discussions, in consideration of changed circumstances arising out of the unexpected strength shown by the Turkish economy and the termination of the war in Europe. This subject is set forth in considerable detail, with careful reference to supporting documentation, in a report by the Foreign Economy Administration entitled “Support Purchase Program in Turkey”, May 28, 1945, in the files of the Department of State under No. 811.20 Defense (M) Turkey/6–145.]

  1. For previous documentation on the subject of economic assistance to Turkey, see Foreign Relations, 1944, vol. v, pp. 904 ff.