881.00/6–1345: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant) to the Secretary of State

5975. ReDept’s 4686, June 11, 6 p.m. We have given UndSecy Harvey35 Dept’s views on Tangier. Harvey’s immediate oral comments follow. Some written observations will be made by FonOff later.36

Visit of Childs welcomed. Peake37 is expected here on 14th. Harvey feels that in preliminary discussions participated in by Childs and Peake, much can be done to prepare details for talks between British, US and French. Selection of Villard as head of our representation if France accepts well received.

Harvey agrees that timely notice of talks should be given Soviets and that in preliminary exchange of views, all possible care must be taken not to wound French sensibilities.

Recent exchange of views between Dept and Brit Emb Washington, Harvey continued, indicated that there was no divergence on essentials except perhaps on extent and nature of joint military occupation. FonOff feels that anything approaching a military occupation functioning as a military govt should be avoided. FonOff feels further that an armed force made up of Brit, American, French and Spanish troops should be limited to one capable merely of performing police functions, with the actual administration of the Zone in the hands of a commission composed of the consular representatives of the four Govts.

Harvey also told us that Spanish MinFonAff informed Brit Chargé in Madrid that Spain was prepared to begin talks on Tangier at once. FonOff feels that in view of Spain’s unilateral action in Tangier in 1940 Spain cannot justly claim right to be in on talks from the beginning. Brit Chargé in Madrid has been instructed so to inform Spanish MinFonAff.

Sent Dept as 5975; rptd to Paris as 359; rptd to Tangier as 29; rptd to Madrid as 159.

  1. Oliver Charles Harvey, Superintending Under-Secretary of ‘the Western Department of the British Foreign Office.
  2. Apparently a reference to proposals transmitted in despatch 23896, June 25, 1945, from London, not printed; see telegram 6189, June 19, 1 p.m., p. 621.
  3. Charles B. R. Peake, British Consul-General at Tangier.