891.105A/9–2645: Telegram

The Ambassador in Iran (Murray) to the Secretary of State

770. Embtel 756, September 24. Foreign Office has replied to my request for written assurances of cooperation with Gendarmerie on specific points in following sense:

After referring to conference at which requests were made, note states Iranian Government agrees to reemployment of mission and this agreement necessarily involves according mission assistance necessary for success of its work. Iranian Government has consistently and in each case borne this matter in mind and in view of its interest [Page 532] in the establishment of the Gendarmerie and its use of Schwarzkopf’s experience, it will not lose sight of matter.

Schwarzkopf considers this unsatisfactory and I agree that it is not what was desired. However, I have grave doubts on chances of getting more definite commitment and if Department wishes to continue mission despite personal views of Schwarzkopf it may wish to instruct me to renew agreement regardless of receipt of more satisfactory assurances. I consider continuation of mission of vital importance. I am seeing Prime Minister this evening and will again request desired commitment.