891.105A/9–2445: Telegram

The Ambassador in Iran ( Murray ) to the Secretary of State

756. As Schwarzkopf feels the continued work of his mission could not be successful without definite assurances of cooperation on part of Iran Govt he and I in interview with PriMin and MinFonAff81 on Sept. 6 requested written assurances on a number of specific points including protection of the gendarmerie against political interferences, cooperation of army, adequate finances and passage of necessary legislation. Assurances were readily given on all these points and promise was made they would be confirmed by writing. To date this has not been done despite repeated requests by Embassy. I mentioned matter to Shah in interview Sept. 21 and hope action will be forthcoming within next few days. However, should Oct. 1 (date contract expires) pass without definite action, we must give urgent consideration to question of continuing mission.

  1. Anushiravan Sepahbodi.