740.0011 EW/7–845: Telegram

No. 202
The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant) to the Secretary of State 1

us urgent—niact

6877. Personal for the Secretary from Winant.

The Dept’s 54732 and 54743 (both July 5) were received here yesterday and communicated to the FonOff. I had a brief talk with Mr. Eden over his private wire. He volunteered the statement that he was very much pleased with the agenda for the conference as forwarded. He is coming on to London for the first time in some weeks Tuesday to take over his task as Acting Prime Minister because of Mr. Churchill’s absence on vacation in France. I am [Page 234] having dinner alone with him that night and after it will forward you a more detailed account of the Brit reaction to the proposals we have put forward.4

. . . . . . .

  1. Sent to Washington; relayed to Byrnes, then at sea, in telegram No. 8 of July, 9 (file No. 740.00119 (Potsdam)/8–645).
  2. Document No. 189.
  3. Not printed. This telegram instructed Winant to take the action reflected in document No. 231.
  4. No report from Winant concerning such a dinner meeting has been found.