740.0011 E. W./7–545: Telegram

No. 189
The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom ( Winant )1


5473. You should inform the British Government that the following is a list of topics which the President may wish to raise for discussion at the forthcoming meeting of the Heads of Government:

Procedure and machinery for peace negotiations and territorial settlements.
Policy toward Germany:
Establishment of Control Council[.]
Agreement on the treatment of Germany in the initial control period.
Establishment of German local administrations.
Treatment of Germany as an economic unit.
Implementation of the Yalta Declaration on Liberated Europe.
Policy toward Italy.
Cooperation in solving European economic problems.
Freedom of communication and information in Europe.

It is likewise expected that there will be some discussion of policy with respect to the Far East.

The foregoing list is not intended to be exclusive and the President will, of course, be prepared to discuss other questions which Marshal Stalin or Prime Minister Churchill may wish to raise.

  1. A parallel instruction was sent to Harriman at the same hour as telegram No. 1526 (file No. 740.0011 E. W./7–545). Winant and Harriman submitted the contents of these instructions to Eden and Molotov, respectively, in notes dated July 7.