London Embassy Files—710 Tripartite Conference Berlin

No. 231
The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant) to the British Foreign Secretary (Eden)1


Dear Mr. Eden: In connection with the first item of the suggested list of topics for discussion at the forthcoming meeting of the Heads of Government transmitted in my letter of July 7, 1945,2 1 have been requested to communicate to you the proposal enclosed herewith3 which the President plans to present to Prime Minister Churchill and Marshal Stalin at an early stage in their forthcoming conversations.

This document is being communicated in advance to the British and Soviet Governments in the belief that they may wish to be giving the matter some thought prior to the meeting.


John G. Winant
  1. Harriman conveyed the same information to Molotov in note No. 384 of July 8 (Moscow Embassy Files).
  2. See document No. 189, footnote 1.
  3. Except for minor editorial variations, the text enclosed is identical with the attachment to document No. 228.