761.93/7–945: Telegram

No. 203
The Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Harriman) to the President and the Secretary of State 1

top secret

(Personal and top sec for the President and the Secretary from Harriman.)

As the time is so short before the Berlin meeting and as it seems doubtful that Soong will be successful in reaching agreement with Stalin2 I recommend that immediate steps be taken to prepare for use at Berlin a study of our interpretation of the Yalta agreement3 specifically the terms which we believe China should grant the Soviet Government in regard to the ports and railroads and what action should be expected of China at this time in connection with preservation of status quo in Outer Mongolia.

In addition I suggest that preparations should be made for a detailed discussion of the character of the proposed four power trusteeship for Korea.

  1. Sent by the United States Naval Attaché Moscow, via Navy channels. Sent to Washington; relayed to Truman and Byrnes, then at sea, by the White House Map Room.
  2. See post, pp. 857, 862864.
  3. i. e., the agreement regarding entry of the Soviet Union into the war against Japan, signed February 11, 1945, by Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill. For text, see Executive Agreement Series No. 498; 59 Stat. (2) 1823; Foreign Relations, The Conferences at Malta and Yalta, 1945, p. 984.