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Memorandum by the United States Chiefs of Staff

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C.C.S. 654/5

Basic Policies for the Next United States-British Staff Conference

References: a. C.C.S. 6541
b. C.C.S. 654/12
The United States Chiefs of Staff have considered the amendments to the basic policies for the next United States-British Staff Conference as proposed by the British Chiefs of Staff in C.C.S. 654/1. They agree with the amendments proposed in paragraphs 6 f and 6 i, subject to the rewording set forth below. As to the change suggested in paragraph 6 h, the United States Chiefs of Staff prefer to consider these matters separately as they arise.
The United States Chiefs of Staff recommend that paragraphs 6 f, 6 h and 6 i should read as follows:
Paragraph 6 f.

f. Undertake such measures as may be necessary and practicable to aid the war effort of Russia to include coordinating the action of forces.”

Paragraph 6 h.

h. Continue assistance to the French and Italian forces to enable them to fulfill an active role in the war against the Axis Powers. Within the limits of our available resources, to assist other co-belligerents to the extent they are able effectively to employ this assistance against the Axis Powers in the present war.”

Paragraph 6 i.

i. Reorient forces from the European Theater to the Pacific and Far East as a matter of highest priority having regard to other agreed commitments as soon as the German situation allows.”

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