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Memorandum by the Representatives of the British Chiefs of Staff

top secret
C.C.S. 654/1

Basic Policies for the Next United States-British Staff Conference

References: a. C.C.S. 6541
b. C.C.S. 426/12

1. The British Chiefs of Staff recommend acceptance of the following amendments to the proposals put forward by the United States Chiefs of Staff in C.C.S. 654.

[Page 220]

(a) Paragraph 6 f

f. Continue to aid the war effort of Russia. 3 Undertake such measures as may be necessary and practicable to aid the war effort of Russia including the coordinated action of our forces.4

This wording was used in C.C.S. 426/1, paragraph 6 g, and the British Chiefs of Staff feel that the coordination of action of our forces with the Russians will be of increasing importance as they converge.

(b) Paragraph 6 h

h. Continue assistance to the French and Italian forces, and be prepared to assist other co-belligerents, to enable them to fulfill an active role in the war against the Axis Powers.

This amendment is designed to cover, for example, supplies to Turkey and Axis satellites turning over to our side.

(c) Paragraph 6 i

i. Reorient forces from the European Theater to the Pacific and Far East as a matter of highest priority having regard to other in escapable commitments as soon as the German situation allows.

2. In all other respects the proposals put forward are acceptable to the British Chiefs of Staff.

  1. Supra.
  2. See ante, p. 218, fn. 1.
  3. Canceled type in the source text represented a proposed deletion.
  4. The words printed in italics throughout this document, except for paragraph headings, were underscored in the source text to represent proposed additions.