President Roosevelt to King Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud 68

Great and Good Friend: I have received Your Majesty’s communication of April 30, 1943, relating to matters affecting Palestine, and I appreciate the spirit of friendship you have manifested in expressing these views to me.

I have noted carefully the statements made in this communication, as well as those contained in Your Majesty’s letter of November 19[29], 1938, and the oral message conveyed to Mr. Kirk, the American Minister, at the conclusion of his recent visit to Riyadh.

Your Majesty, no doubt, has received my message delivered by Mr. Moose to His Highness the Amir Faisal. As I stated therein, it appears to me highly desirable that the Arabs and Jews interested in the question should come to a friendly understanding with respect to matters affecting Palestine through their own efforts prior to the termination of the war. I am glad of this opportunity, however, to reiterate my assurance that it is the view of the Government of the United States that, in any case, no decision altering the basic situation of Palestine should be reached without full consultation with both Arabs and Jews.

I renew my expressions of best wishes for Your Majesty’s good health and for the well-being of your people.

Your Good Friend,

Franklin D. Roosevelt
  1. Copy transmitted to the Appointed Minister Resident in Saudi Arabia by the Secretary of State in his instruction No. 51, June 19; copy in Department’s files undated.