702.5181/20: Telegram

The Ambassador in Spain (Hayes) to the Secretary of State

480. I raised this matter with the Foreign Minister on February 22 along the lines of the aide-mémoire transmitted with my despatch number 573 of January 15.31 Jordana said that after all Spain does [Page 736] recognize the Vichy Government which had the right to get rid of Consuls disloyal to it. Without withdrawing from the position taken in my aide-mémoire, I pointed out that this was a practical matter and expressed the hope that the Government would discourage the supplanting of the present French Consuls and any disturbance to the status quo. Jordana said he would give consideration to my views but gave no assurances.

Your 456, February 27, midnight.32 Repeated to Tangier and Algiers for R. Murphy.33

  1. Neither printed; see telegram No. 101, January 14, midnight, p. 733.
  2. See footnote 29, p. 735.
  3. Robert D. Murphy, Special Representative of the President in French North Africa and U.S. Political Adviser on the Staff of the Supreme Commander, Allied Expeditionary Force in North Africa.