882.796/31: Telegram

The Chargé in Liberia (Hibbard) to the Secretary of State

13. My telegram No. 361, October 24, 9 p.m., and the Department’s reply No. 280, October 28, 8 p.m.,51 regarding the use of Roberts Field by British Overseas Airways Company.

I have just been informed by the commanding officer that he has received instructions from General Arnold52 to grant landing and servicing privileges at Roberts Field to BOAC. I know from telegrams which my British colleague has shown me that this has been the subject of extensive discussion in the Department between British officials and Mr. Berle. In spite of claims to the contrary by the British this service would appear to be a commercial one and I would appreciate information as to whether General Arnold’s instructions have the approval of the Department.

  1. Foreign Relations, 1942, vol. iv, pp. 414 and 415, respectively.
  2. Lt. Gen. Henry H. Arnold, Commanding General, United States Army Air Force.