The Liberian Consul General at New York (Walker) to the Assistant Secretary of State (Berle)

Sir: Reference is made to your letter of September 16, 1943 with regard to the transfer of $150,000.00 for payment locally of an increased Liberian Frontier Force.

The decision of the Government of the United States as stated in said letter was duly conveyed to the Government of Liberia. I have just now received a reply from the President of Liberia which indicates that there was a very definite commitment on the part of Colonel Harry A. McBride, representative of the Government of the United States, who signed the Agreement of March 31, 1942 at Monrovia, Liberia, which was the basis of setting up the total credit available to the Government of Liberia.

The request made for the transfer of the $150,000.00 was based specifically upon a detailed letter addressed to President Edwin Barclay by Colonel Harry A. McBride and dated at Monrovia, Liberia on March 20, 1942.18 A certified copy of this letter was forwarded to me for transmission to the Department of State, and I herewith hand you a copy of same.

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This letter clearly indicates that the requisition of the President of Liberia was not made without sufficient warrant. It may be pertinent to quote the following from the President’s letter. The letter states in part that:

“Colonel McBride, did say, during the discussion of this matter, that it was not usual to make cash advances under lease-lend, but considering the special circumstances in which Liberia stood, an exception was being made in her favour to the extent mentioned in the letter above cited.

Relying upon this money becoming available to supplement our Budgetary provisions for the Frontier Force, its reorganisation and enlargement have been authorised, and in part effected.”

Very truly yours,

Walter F. Walker