890G.6363/400: Telegram

The Minister Resident in Iraq ( Wilson ) to the Secretary of State

140. My 120, March 23, noon. Minister for Foreign Affairs informed me at dinner Wednesday38 that the oil companies had selected [Page 655] the second of the two agreements39 signed by the Iraq Government with Sklupos [Skliros] when he was here. He has followed this conversation with a formal note40 replying to my note of February 15 (reference Department’s 47, February 12) by which I am officially informed of the above and that steps are now being taken to submit the agreement to Parliament for necessary enabling legislation to be promulgated before May 20, 1943.

George Walter, Baghdad representative of the IPC, has given me a copy of the agreement entered into which I am forwarding to the Department by tomorrow’s pouch.41 He tells me that he and Nuri Pasha destroyed the first agreement on Monday last.

  1. March 31.
  2. i.e., that covering the Basrah Petroleum Company and the Mosul Petroleum Company. See telegram No. 120 from the Minister Resident in Iraq, March 23, supra.
  3. Not printed.
  4. Despatch No. 258, April 2, not printed.