740.0011 EW 1939/27194: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister Resident in Iraq (Wilson)

34. Your telegram No. 15, January 15, 6 p.m. Please deliver the following message from the President to the Prime Minister:

“I have received your message in which you ask that the Iraqi Minister at Washington be given all possible assistance in carrying out his duty with respect to your Government’s desire to adhere at once to the Declaration by United Nations. That adherence has been accepted and the Secretary of State has sent a note to the Iraqi Minister9 welcoming Iraq into the ranks of the United Nations.

I wish to express to you my personal gratification that Iraq is now formally aligned with the United Nations in their task of ridding the world of the Axis menace to peoples everywhere.”

  1. For the exchange of notes on January 16 and January 22 between the Iraqi Minister and the Secretary of State concerning the adherence by Iraq to the Declaration of the United Nations, see Department of State Bulletin, January 23, 1943, p. 83.