740.0011 EW 1939/27194: Telegram

The Minister Resident in Iraq ( Wilson ) to the Secretary of State

15. Personal for the Secretary and Under Secretary. The announcement will be made in Baghdad during the forenoon on Saturday, January 16, and from London at eleven hours (GMT)5 that a state of war will exist between Iraq, Germany, Italy, Japan at midnight [Page 638] January 16–17 (you have unquestionably been made aware of the contents of my telegrams number 12, January 13 and number 13, January 14 [15]6).

In line with the above circumstances Nuri Pasha in his capacity of Prime Minister of Iraq requests me to transmit for him with least possible delay the following telegram from him to the President:

“Dear Mr. President, As the Government of Iraq have announced that a state of war exists between [Iraq and] Germany, Italy and Japan, I have the honour to inform you of my Government’s desire to accede immediately to the Twenty-six Powers Pact signed at Washington on January 1, 1942,

The Iraqi Minister in Washington has been instructed accordingly and I shall be very grateful Mr. President if you will afford him all possible help and advice in carrying out his high duty.”

  1. Greenwich Mean Time.
  2. Latter not printed