891.24/346a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom ( Winant )

397. Tehran reports that British Minister, American Minister and Iranian Ministry of Food have unanimously decided that over and above 25,000 tons wheat now being shipped from North America, Iran will have deficit of approximately 23,500 tons cereals during current crop year. This decision was taken in accordance with provisions of Article I of Tripartite Food Agreement signed December 4, 1942.

The parties to this decision recommend shipment 7, 100 tons wheat19 from North America and 16,400 tons barley from Iraq to make up anticipated deficit, in accordance with obligations established by food agreement.

It is understood British Minister Tehran is transmitting above recommendation to his Government and is taking steps to obtain barley from Iraq.

Department entirely approves recommendations made. Please transmit substance of foregoing to the Foreign Office and urge that action be taken as soon as possible. We assume British Ministry of Food will arrange wheat shipment from North America. Upon receipt of confirmation, Department will notify appropriate agencies here in order that shipping programs may be adjusted.

Please inquire whether a saving in shipping space could not be effected through shipment of flour equivalent to 7, 100 tons wheat instead of wheat itself.

  1. This was subsequently revised downward to 5,000 tons (891.24/370).