891.51A/627: Telegram

The Minister in Iran (Dreyfus) to the Secretary of State

787. Since sending my 744 July 19 Millspaugh and I have given much thought to finding a solution to meet impasse at which his Mission has arrived. We both agreed that it would be prejudicial to our interests and unfair to Iran to abandon without further effort large part of the comprehensive program adopted, which course of action is inevitable unless adequate personnel can be obtained. We decided that only practicable solution was for Millspaugh to recommend to Iranian Government employment of a total of 60 Americans for his Mission, which would include those already employed or authorized. A project of law giving him authority to employ this number without submitting names to Majlis in each case was approved with lightning speed by Council of Ministers and will be presented to Majlis today.

Opinion Iranian political circles concerning American advisers, having passed through initial stage of approbation and ensuing period of passive resistance and mild sabotage, appears to be swinging back to original position of full support. This more favorable attitude is due beyond doubt to noticeably increasing fear and suspicion [Page 535]part of Iranians of both British and Russians. The Shah, who has been only lukewarm toward our adviser program, called me yesterday to pledge his cooperation in apparently sincere terms. He assured me that Schwarzkopf and Timmerman contracts will be approved without delay and that other Americans will be given support. He admitted that he is greatly perturbed at British hostility toward him and puzzled by present British political activity in Iran. He conjectured openly as to whether British may be trying deliberately to bring about revolution. He added that he has told Prime Minister frankly he considers present government too weak to meet existing crisis and that he has given Soheily a week to show signs of improvement. In absence of show of strength by Soheily Government Shah stated he will invite Mansur43 to form a Government.

Since crying need of Millspaugh Mission is personnel I urge Department to use all its influence to obtain air priorities for Americans about to depart from United States.

  1. Ali Mansur, former Prime Minister of Iran (1940–41).