891.01A/231: Telegram

The Minister in Iran (Dreyfus) to the Secretary of State

673. Sheridan, acting under terms of his contract, has given Iranian Government 3 months notice of intention to terminate contract at end of 1 year. He intends to leave Tehran in September at latest. Prime Minister, being very much dissatisfied with operation of Food Ministry under Sheridan and Tadayyon,37 is most anxious to dissolve this Ministry and have its functions taken over by Ministry of Finance. Millspaugh, in view of unsatisfactory work of Food Ministry, has agreed to accept responsibility for food matters and a decree making the transfer is now being prepared. Millspaugh is accepting this responsibility notwithstanding fact that he does not have personnel to deal with problem.

He urges that War Department be requested to detail Colonel Bonnevalle and Major Speaks to Tehran temporarily to assume these functions under his supervision until such time as permanent personnel can be obtained. If both cannot come one would be acceptable. Their temporary employment can be arranged by Decree of Council of Ministers and salary or allowances can be granted them in accordance with wishes of War Department.

I agree as to necessity of placing food matters under jurisdiction of Millspaugh and urge that Department endeavor without delay to arrange detail of Bonnevalle and Speaks.38

  1. Minister of Food.
  2. Department’s telegram No. 358, July 22, 1943, informed the Minister in Iran that Colonel Bonnevalle was not available but that Lieutenant Colonel Speaks could be placed on inactive status and was available for work as a civilian on a temporary basis (891.01a/231).