The Minister in Iran (Dreyfus) to the Secretary of State

No. 534

Sir: I have the honor to enclose a copy27 of a draft of a proposed Iranian Law authorizing the employment of a Gendarmerie Mission.

The Iranian Government does not wish to present to the Majlis the long and complicated draft prepared by the Department and forwarded to the Legation under cover of Instruction No. 186 of January 28, 1943.27 The Prime Minister feels that the proper way to handle this matter is for the Majlis to pass an authorizing law on which the agreement, embodying the provisions outlined by the Department, will be based. Iranian law provides that foreign advisers may be employed only on specific authorization of the Majlis and that the covering law must include the following information: position to be filled; nationality of person to be employed; duration of contract; salary to be paid; and statement that person employed is not to interfere in the political affairs of the country.

The Department’s attention is invited to the clause which provides that the salaries and allowances of members of the mission shall be the same as those paid by the United States Government to officers of the same grade and length of service on foreign duty. I am not sure that this clause meets with the approval of the War Department and would appreciate receiving telegraphic clarification on this point.

I have noted that the draft agreement calls for signature in Washington and assume that the Department wishes to adhere to this procedure. I am discussing the draft with the Iranian Government and will submit their reactions and suggested amendments to the Department as soon as possible.

Respectfully yours,

Louis G. Dreyfus, Jr.
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