891.51A/563: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Iran (Dreyfus)

176. Following is preliminary reply to certain points in your 355, April 6.

For the moment, Department will take no affirmative steps regarding Sheridan assistants but will not inform men under consideration that proposition has been definitely dropped. Please keep us closely informed of developments. If no action is taken by Iranian authorities within next 2 weeks we shall probably be forced to advise prospects that they should abandon plans.
Unless advised by you that Iranians are disposed to act, we shall take no new steps to obtain other advisers requested, such as public health, municipal administration, mining engineer, Millspaugh assistants, and various agricultural experts. However, pending further word, we shall continue conversations with men already contacted and shall not advise them that matter may be dropped.
Please report whether feeling indicated by Saleh that American advisers are not qualified applies to the particular men selected or to Americans in general. If the former, to which men does it apply? Do you feel there is any justification for this attitude?
We should be interested in an outline of full powers Millspaugh is seeking.