Memorandum From the War Department to the Department of State

Attention: Mr. Paul H. Ailing, Chief, Division of Near Eastern Affairs.

The War Department has received the State Department memorandum of 23 September 1943, regarding the Iranian note concerning [Page 509] complaints of misconduct on the part of American soldiers in Iran. Prior to receipt of the above memorandum, the War Department received a letter on the same subject, dated 18 September 1943, from the Iranian Military Attaché in Washington.

A letter is being addressed to the Iranian Military Attaché, stating that the War Department will be glad to investigate the matter, but requesting that specific information be furnished as to the details of the incidents in question, in order that appropriate instructions might be issued for such investigation as might be required. This action has been necessary, because past reports of misconduct of American soldiers in Iran have proved upon investigation to be false, or greatly exaggerated.

Upon receipt of the information requested, the War Department will take appropriate action of which the State Department will be informed.

For the Secretary of War:
Charles W. McCarthy

Colonel, G.S.C.,83
Chief, Liaison Section, OPD W.D.G.S. 84
  1. General Staff Corps.
  2. Operations Division, War Department General Staff.