811.24591/19: Telegram

The Minister in Iran ( Dreyfus ) to the Secretary of State

1064. Department’s 579, November 18. Request Department’s authorization to delete phrase “and who are not members of the armed forces of the United States of America” on line 4 of page 4 and on line 11 of page 6 of draft treaty since Foreign Office now states that phrase is thoroughly objectionable wherever it occurs.

Although I personally feel that the language of article III as it now stands is somewhat confusing, Iranians are willing and ready to sign the agreement if these deletions are made.

I am most anxious for an early reply to avoid postponing unnecessarily my departure for the United States.68

  1. Regarding the Minister’s departure for the United States, see his telegrams No. 1045, November 4, 9 a.m., and No. 1059, November 13, 9 a.m., pp. 400 and 410, respectively.