740.0011 European War 1939/30843: Telegram

The Minister in Iran (Dreyfus) to the Secretary of State

874. Reference my No. 868, August 21.56 There follows translation of note from Prime Minister dated August 21st:

“With regard to the residence of American troops in Iran I have repeatedly spoken to Your Excellency and I have said that their arrival in Iran was in violation of international laws and principles and without the previous consent of the Iranian Government. It is inconsistent with the friendly relations of the two countries. This action on the part of the United States Government is objected to by my Government, and the deputies of the Medjliss have repeatedly interrogated the Government on the subject. In order that the arrival of American forces in Iran may be based on international regulations and in order that the legal formalities may be accomplished [Page 472] the agreement which has been drawn up must be signed by the representatives of the two Governments to eliminate any doubt and objection. Your Excellency has pointed out the good will of your Government and recognized several times the necessity of signing the agreement. A project for the agreement was submitted to the Government some time ago. Nevertheless I regret to state that no result has been thus far obtained. The Government’s position is undetermined in the face of statements made and reasonable objections raised by the deputies of the Medjliss and the people. Inasmuch as the Governments of Iran and the United States have given their consent to signing the agreement, I do not see anything hindering the signing of the agreement at an earlier date, as otherwise you will admit that the Iranian Government will be at a loss to furnish any reply to inquiries made by the people and to defend this action and attitude of the American Government authorities who are the standard-bearers of freedom.”

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