811.24591/8½: Telegram

The Minister in Iran ( Dreyfus ) to the Secretary of State

476. My 436, April 27. I am forwarding tomorrow by air Iranian rough draft of proposed agreement.46

Principal changes proposed by Iranians are:

First whereas eliminated.
In last whereas words “and the dangers threatening Iran removed” are omitted.
Article I—sentence added in which United States undertakes not to adopt in relations with other countries an attitude harmful to sovereignty or independence of Iran, nor to conclude pacts inconsistent with this agreement; U.S. also agrees to consult Iran Government on matters having direct bearing on interests of Iran.
Iran text eliminates in article II and subsequent articles reference to “agencies”.
In article III last sentence granting right to maintain postal facilities, commissary postal facilities, commissary stores and post exchanges is eliminated.
In article IV remainder of sentence 2 following “Iranian authorities” is eliminated.
New article V is added which provides US undertakes to protect Iran against aggression by Germany or any other government. Iran would give the US all possible cooperation to achieve this end but would limit such cooperation to maintenance of internal security on Iran soil.
In article VI (Department’s article V) sentence is added in which US agrees that in subsequent separate agreements to be concluded the interests of Iran in matters of roads railway and means of communication will be safeguarded.
Article VII Department’s VI last paragraph completely altered to provide that permanent installations would be given gratuitously to Iran while movable property, if needed by Iran and not by US, would be sold to Iran.
New article X inserted after Department’s VIII. This provides that U.S. will use its best efforts to safeguard economic life of Iran and will begin negotiations of separate agreements for this purpose.
Article XI Department’s IX United States would agree to withdraw its forces from Iran not later than 6 months after cessation of hostilities based on an armistice or armistices or on conclusion of peace treaty, whichever date is earlier. The term “its enemies” is changed to “the German Government and its associates” and a sentence is added defining them as “any other government which is now conducting hostilities or should in future start hostilities with any of the United Nations”.
Article XII Department’s X altered to provide that action will be taken to obtain approval of agreement in accordance with fundamental laws of both signatory Governments after which ratifications will be exchanged.
Iranian Government desires that in an annex to agreement the American Government give an undertaking along almost identical lines as that given by British and Soviet Governments in annexes 1 and 2 of Tripartite Pact (see text enclosed with my despatch 169, December 22, 194147).

The alterations and additions requested by Iran Government are intended to bring the agreement more nearly into line with Tripartite Pact.

  1. Despatch No. 549, May 8, 1943, not printed.
  2. Not printed.