Memorandum by Mr. John D. Jernegan of the Division of Near Eastern Affairs

The attached note16 was left with Mr. Atherton this morning (May 13) by the Soviet Chargé d’Affaires. On first reading it sounds satisfactory to me.

The alleged discrepancy between Dreyfus’ aide-mémoire handed to the Soviet Ambassador at Tehran and the terms of the draft agreement with Iran is, of course, susceptible of easy explanation. The circumstances are exactly parallel to those which brought forth the Anglo-Soviet-Iranian Treaty of Alliance and the working agreement between Great Britain and Russia mentioned in the Soviet note. In the one case we are trying to obtain facilities to enable us to deal with any contingencies that may arise, and in the other case we are voluntarily limiting ourselves, by informal agreement with our associates, in the present use of those facilities.

I think it is quite natural, however, that the Soviets should pounce upon this point, and I suggest that we relieve their minds as soon as possible.

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