The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Standley)

34. Your 23, January 14. Proposal does not involve American control over railroad, ports or highways, as British authorities will retain general direction with respect to movement of goods and related matters and will also be responsible, as hitherto, for protection of transport routes.

American Army is undertaking solely to furnish technical personnel and direction for physical operation of railroad, highway transport and certain Persian Gulf ports. This personnel will be military a ad will remain in Iran as long as may be necessary to fulfill United States supply commitments to Russia under the protocols. It will undoubtedly replace some Iranian employees, but it is assumed that majority of workers will continue to be Iranian.

Our undertaking has been made at specific request of British. It has not been made public.

In your discretion, you may convey substance of the foregoing to Molotov.

[Page 440]

For your information, War Department states American Army personnel has already begun operation of at least part of southern Iranian transport facilities.