891.24/430: Telegram

The Minister in Iran (Dreyfus) to the Secretary of State

420. Department’s 162 April 3 and first paragraph of my 295 March 20. Foreign Minister informs me Tadayyon has returned from Tabriz and reported as follows:

Mugadam denies (a) that Kuniholm made to him the alleged anti-Soviet statements and (b) that he informed Russians Kuniholm had made such statements.
Russian dislike for Kuniholm arose from fact that he is a “Scandinavian”.
Vivian appears to have done good work but obviously cannot return to Tabriz as long as Mugadam is there. Foreign Minister further informs me Prime Minister intends to relieve Mugadam as Governor General of Azerbaijan even if Russians insist on his presentation [sic].

Tadayyon’s investigation appears to have been cursory and cautious because he was faced with overriding political desirability of appeasing both American and Russians. Tadayyon also probably cannot wish to incur Russian displeasure having in mind his own political ambitions. In view of the delicate Iranian position and since the investigation seems to have cleared Kuniholm and Vivian in Iranian eyes I recommend that no formal protest be made.