891.24/408: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Iran (Dreyfus)59

151. Your 310, March 24. Kuniholm should remain at Tehran for the time being. Official orders for shift in assignment will be issued shortly. As soon as new consul for Tabriz has been designated, we propose to advise Soviet Government, stating at same time that we have investigated and find no evidence that Kuniholm has acted improperly or has carried on activities against the interests of the Soviet Union.

  1. In an undated memorandum attached to this telegram Mr. John D. Jernegan of the Division of Near Eastern Affairs informed higher officers of the Division and the Department: “Mr. Richard Ford [Consul at Buenos Aires] has already been designated Consul at Tabriz but probably will not reach there for some months. The attached telegram is intended to give the Minister advance notice of Department’s thoughts and prevent Kuniholm from returning to Tabriz in absence of orders.”