891.24/406: Telegram

The Minister in Iran ( Dreyfus ) to the Secretary of State

299. My 272, March 15. Following from Kuniholm.

“Complaint is part of campaign by Governor General to discredit and remove Vivian and me from this area. See my reports since New Year for details of this campaign. Problem has now become one of power politics and we are helpless unless rendered effective support.

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Russians are annoyed that there should be an American Consulate in the occupied area. They are the more annoyed that an American should be on the spot directing food supply (and have so informed British Consulate), which effects that. They have complained about lack of cooperation and energy of our American troops in Tabriz. They have refused to let American Army set up proposed camp near Tabriz to help expedite Lend-Lease shipments. In short they want the place to themselves and are irritated that foreign eyes are free to observe with impunity what is going on in the Province. I believe it is a ‘build up’ to permanent occupation. Bread riots will serve as pretext for taking over full control.

In February 12 conference referred to in your telegram I served as interpreter between Vivian and Governor General. I deny making statement attributed to me.

Vivian and I arriving Monday morning March 22.”