123 Lane, Clayton/116: Telegram

Mr. William Phillips, Personal Representative of President Roosevelt in India, to the Secretary of State

288. Reference Department’s 196, April 1373 to Calcutta designating Lane74 as Commercial Attaché, New Delhi.

Patton75 and Lane agree with me that the title Commercial Attaché might cause unfortunate impressions and press speculation about American economic penetration. It will be recalled that the Government of India, as reported in my 274, April 9, 6 p.m., did not agree to the designation of officers as “Counselors” or First, Second, and Third Secretaries.

May I suggest that Lane be designated “Secretary” which will raise no new issue.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Clayton Lane, the Consul at Calcutta, had been assigned to New Delhi to coordinate, under the supervision of the Mission, the work of the various American civilian agencies then operating in India; see footnote 2, p. 178.
  3. Kenneth S. Patton, the Consul General at Calcutta.