123 B 21/334: Telegram

The Secretary of State to Mr. William Phillips, Personal Representative of President Roosevelt in India

119. The Department is contemplating assigning to New Delhi Joseph W. Ballantine, Foreign Service Officer of Class I, whose designation would ordinarily be Counselor of Embassy or Legation. In your opinion would Counselor of Mission be appropriate and to the Government of India an acceptable designation for him?

The Department is also contemplating assigning to New Delhi Frank S. Williams, Foreign Service Officer of Class III, with a view to his performing functions usually undertaken by a Commercial Attaché. It is also anticipated that he will be responsible under the Chief of Mission for the coordination of the work of the various [Page 235]American civilian agencies in India. If no objection is perceived the Department plans to designate him Counselor of Mission for Economic Affairs.

In the same connection the Department feels that Secretaries of the Mission might appropriately have the designation of First, Second or Third Secretary. While it is appreciated that corresponding officers of the Indian Agency General in Washington are also officers of the British Embassy and as such rank as First, Second or Third Secretaries, it has been noted that they customarily use these titles in connection with their duties at the Agency General.