845.00/1782: Telegram

Mr. William Phillips, Personal Representative of President Roosevelt in India, to the Secretary of State

118. Continuing my 115, February 9, 10 a.m. The Viceroy informs me this evening that it was clear to the Council at its meeting this morning that the position remained much as before. Gandhi was to be so informed and that the Government stands ready to set him at liberty for the duration of the fast. If, however, he would not take advantage of the offer and insisted upon fasting during detention, he was told that he would be acting solely on his own responsibility. In that case, he could have his own doctors and could receive his friends.

The Viceroy sends me copy of the proposed press release and copies of his lengthy correspondence with Gandhi and writes me that even at this last moment he hopes, although it is a faint hope, that Gandhi may reconsider his position. He will advise me tomorrow of the final decision.