868.01/374: Telegram

The Ambassador to the Greek Government in Exile (Kirk) to the Secretary of State

Greek Series 43. For the Secretary and Under Secretary.

  • “1. On July 41 declared to my people that after their liberation they will be invited to determine by means of free elections the form of their government.
  • 2. I am now suddenly faced by the most curious situation, of the unexpected arrival of certain individuals from Greece, who are supposed to represent various guerrilla bands. In addition a representative of certain old political parties, who wish to press me to declare that I should only return after a plebiscite which would decide on form of the future regime.
  • 3. This request raises a new issue on which I feel you should be consulted before any decision is made. I am adverse to taking a final decision. For in my opinion what is now proposed although primarily a Greek matter, may have repercussions outside Greece, which might well create precedence or affect political developments in other countries and specially in the Balkans. This apparently local issue may assume a wider character. In these circumstance I would much appreciate your advice as to policy, which would at this time best serve the cause of Greece and the United Nations.
  • 4. My present personal inclination is to continue the policy agreed with Prime Minister Churchill before I left England. I feel very strongly that I should return to Greece with my troops, even if I left my country after a short period, to work its national interests among our Allies, should subsequent developments make it politic for me to do so.”