868.01/375: Telegram

The Ambassador to the Greek Government in Exile ( Kirk ) to the Secretary of State

Greek Series 40. My Greek Series 35, August 13, 5 p.m.32 The arrival in Cairo of the six representatives of resistance groups in Greece has precipitated a crisis which has seriously disturbed the Government during the past days.

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These representatives four of whom are members of EAM and two emissaries of Greek guerrilla leaders declared that the situation in Greece demanded the agreement of the King to postpone his return to Greece pending the expression of the public will in that regard and to assume in the meanwhile the role of chief representative of Greece in relation to foreign governments. Both the King and Tsouderos were dismayed at this development as on the one hand they were loath to meet such demands which affected not only the position of the King but also might entail consequences in so far as the other United Nations were concerned and on the other they foresaw that a refusal might adversely affect the actions of resistance bands in Greece as well as precipitate a ministerial crisis in the Greek Government probably resulting in the resignation of the Vice Premier and three principal Ministers.

Both the British Ambassador and I have counselled the King and Tsouderos to make every effort to convince the above mentioned representatives as well as the Ministers that this was not the moment to raise such an issue as it was not immediate and that such agitation would only serve to detract from the effort of Greece to aid the United Nations in the fight against the aggressors and for the liberation of Greece. Yesterday there was an indication that these efforts were being made but the question that the King may send a message on the matter to the President and Churchill33 is being seriously considered and may be decided at any moment in the event that it appears impossible to achieve a postponement of this issue at least until a more comprehensive census of opinion in Greece may be obtained.

  1. Not printed.
  2. The President and the Prime Minister were in Quebec for the “Quadrant” Conference. The records of the First Quebec Conference are scheduled for publication in a subsequent volume of Foreign Relations.