868.00/1203: Telegram

The Minister in Egypt (Kirk) to the Secretary of State

573. My 545, March 20, 7 p.m. and 570, March 24.18 Commenting on the reformation of the Greek Cabinet, Minister Karapanayiotis this afternoon informed a member of the Legation that, while somewhat less change has been made than was anticipated, particularly in that the Metaxist Minister of Finance Varvaressos has been retained and the nomination of Admiral Voulgaris to the Marine Portfolio has been postponed pending conclusion of the investigation of the Army revolt in which he is alleged to have been implicated in both of which actions the King is stated to have received firm British support, nevertheless the Government as now constituted is generally satisfactory to the Army units. At the same time Karapanayiotis and Sofoulis are both [Page 130] reported to have stated that in the negotiations for this democratization of the Cabinet no commitments have been made either by the new Ministers or by the King as to post-hostilities political affairs.

I understand that the King left for Syria this afternoon in company with General Wilson and will visit the Greek troops tomorrow.

  1. Neither printed.