103.917/1819: Telegram

The Ambassador in Turkey ( Steinhardt ) to the Secretary of State

839. Department’s 390, April 30.28 I have learned that the Turk-German Commercial Agreement signed on April 18 provides for an exchange of goods totaling 62 million Turk pounds of which amount 40 millions (schedule I) cover Government purchases and 22 millions (schedule II) private trade exchanges.

The Turk commodities stipulated in schedule I are as follows (contingents are in Turk pounds): Mohair 2,625,000; cotton clippings 100,000; hemp 1,030,000; flax 300,000; silk waste 400,000; woolen and cotton rags 1,000,000; opium 800,000; oil seeds 7,000,000; valonia extract 275,000; gallnuts 272,000; cotton 6,250,000; copper 4,160,000; antimony 350,000; valonia 437,000; furs and skins 3,000,000; tobacco 4,000,000; hazelnuts 4,000,000; fish, fresh, smoked, salted or preserved, and fish products 4,000,000. The German products to be exchanged for the foregoing (schedule I A) are: War material 5,000,000; iron [Page 1128] and steel machines; means of transport and traction engines 27,500,000; copper manufactures 2,500,000; pharmaceutical products 1,500,000; paper and cellulose (the German Government will endeavor to furnish at least 2,500 tons of cellulose 2,750,000; beetroot seeds or other goods to be agreed upon 700,000.

The Turkish products to be exchanged under schedule II are: Tobacco 8,000,000; raisins 2,400,000; figs 2,000,000; hazelnuts 4,000,000; other dried fruits 500,000; casings 650,000; licorice root and extract 500,000; gum tragacanth 400,000; sponge 150,000; oil cake 400,000; fish, fresh, smoked, salted or preserved and fish products, 2,000,000; and miscellaneous goods 1,000,000. The German goods to be furnished in exchange for foregoing comprise those specified in schedule I A with the exception of war material, copper manufactures and beetroot seeds.

Foregoing information has been received in confidence from a reliable source and should be treated as strictly confidential and not disclosed, or published.

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