811.20 Defense (M) Turkey/334a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Turkey ( Steinhardt )

132. Amembassy London on January 27 reported impending discriminatory price increase on valonia and valex to be delivered to [Page 1117] UKCC in Turkey, and MEW15 was reported to be planning discussion with Foreign Office with a view to lodgment of protest with the Turks. Same telegram expressed the view that current German shortage of funds arising from failure to deliver goods relieved pressure on British to purchase valonia and valex at excessively high prices. The Department and BEW have replied to London in the telegram quoted below:

[Here follows text of telegram No. 983, February 12, midnight, to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom, printed supra.]

It would be appreciated if you would explore with UKCC all possibilities of capitalizing on current German difficulties with a view to strengthening our position, not merely by increasing purchases, but interfering wherever possible with outstanding German contracts.

  1. Ministry of Economic Warfare.